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Sculpture Wakeboard Winch Electric


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One-stop solution for your media production. In addition to manufacturing winches, we also offer comprehensive professional services to support media productions. 


How many hits with one set of batteries? About 30+ hits per set of batteries. We worked out this number as realistic. It always depends on riders weight and riding distance. Get a second set and double the fun!

How fast does it go?

We have an adjustable speed range from 15 to 50 km/h.

Possible to fly with?

Yes. It's possible. One battery has 93 Wh. Please contact your air line before flight. 

Can I do deep water starts? Easy! But it will lower the number of possible hits per charge. 

Other winches get faster at the end of the hit That's right. Our WinchOS keeps speed constant (approx. value), even if there is more rope on the spool at the end of the ride. 

What batteries do I need?You'll need four LiPo 5S 30C batteries. Please check this site for more information. 

How fast does it charge?

It depends on the charger & the batteries you have. Its around 35 minutes per battery. Some chargers can charge 2 or more batteries at once.

How about saltwater?

The winch is not made for saltwater primarily. We do not cover damages caused by saltwater or sand. Remove saltwater and sand straightaway with a wet towel after using the winch on the beach.

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