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Maxime Giry

For Wakeskaters a winch is not just a gadget. A winch is what makes wakeskating wakeskating. No other actionsport has winching so deeply integrated in its DNA. Wakeskating and winching belong together, since both share the same roots. For us, it was just a question of time to bring a wakeskater on our team. We and Maxime share the same spirit, the same mindset and the same vision of wakeskating and what it should look like. We are so happy to join him on his journey. 


Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭

Other partners:

Watermonsters, Soöruz, Chanvre DC, UNIT Parktech, Atlas Supply Co., GoPro, Space Mob

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Felix Georgii


Felix belongs to a new breed of wakeboarders who are doing stuff differently and pushing the boundaries of the sport. Moving away from concentrating mainly on invert tricks, Felix is a master of hitting gnarly rails and ledges. Having a strong snowboarding background might explain why his kicker and rail riding are state of the art and outstanding on the international wakeboarding scene.


Rettenberg, Germany 🇩🇪

Other partners:

Red Bull, Liquid Force, 

Jetpilot, UNIT Parktech, Nissan

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