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Renting Sculpture

In addition to manufacturing winches, we also offer comprehensive professional services to support your media production. We maintain the same high quality standards in our service as we do in the manufacturing of our winches.

One stop solution for your media production 

Sculpture Renting Sweden

Red Bull / Frozen Wake Lake


Winches, batteries, pulleys, ropes, operators ... Whatever it needs to ensure a flawless pull, we will bring it. 


15 years experience in designing wakeboard features. We design complete setups and create custom solutions to prepare street spots.


Good schedules are crucial for action sports media productions. We create schedules that meet the needs of both, athletes and production.

Pull is more important to the success of a media project than you might think. Only with a perfect pull can athletes perform at their best and push their limits even further. We guarantee the best possible pull.

In high-budget media productions, any equipment failure can cause major delays in the production schedule which again causes huge costs. The quality and reliability of the winch equipment must be up to par with the rest of the production equipment, such as cameras and lenses. However, unlike film equipment, winch equipment is not always readily available everywhere. Winches, back-up winches, batteries, pulleys, ropes, operators etc. Whatever it needs to ensure a flawless pull, we will bring it. 

Pully Cherry Picker Sculpture


Madrid RedBull Equipment

Red Bull / Winch Fiesta

Our team is made up of former professional wakeboarders and wakeskaters with over 15 years of experience designing wakeboard features. We have successfully designed features for wakeparks and events all around the globe for years.


We offer you the complete package from concept, planning, to manufacturing drawings. We will also create exports for branding and renderings.

Winch Kicker Sculpture


Sweden Setup Iglu Sculpture

We see spots through the eyes of athletes to ensure that athletes can focus on their performance. On site, our team takes care of not only setting up the winch setup and operating the winch, but we also prepare street spots, anchor features, and clear landings.


Our dedicated workflow prioritizes close collaboration with athletes, ensuring that their creative vision is the driving force behind every project.

Setup Installation Madrid Sculpture RedBull
Setup Madrid Sculpture RedBull
13 (c) Sam Strauss.jpg



Let's talk. Share your vision, regardless of its current state. We're excited to collaborate on a solution together.

Thank you! We'll get back to you asap.

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