Read warnings first.


Use the strap to fix the winch to a solid tree or pole. Bring handle to starting point.


Plug in all four batteries and close the lid.


Plug in the handheld controller.


Set the speed. For wakeboarding we recommend to make the first hit with the speed control dial in the "12 o’clock" position (This is approx. 30km/h) Adjust the speed after the first hit if needed. Avoid adjusting while the winch is running. 


Make sure rider is ready. Press and hold the upper button to start the ride. Release the button to stop the ride. Make sure to stop at enough distance between the rider and the winch. The Winch has no automatic end-of-rope stop. Avoid that winch gets sprayed by rider.


Press the lower button to tighten the rope. Spool will turn slowly.


LED light on the hand held controller will flash when battery-set (or at least one battery) is lower than 10% capacity. LED light will flash faster when batteries are too low to start the winch. After riding, use the lower button to bring all the rope in.


Unplug controller first. Unplug all batteries. Do not transport or store the winch with plugged in batteries!


Check care tips below.




1. Unplug all batteries right after your session. Do not transport or store winch with plugged in batteries!

2. Open the lid after use for a couple of hours to let the winch dry. 

3. Never use water to clean the winch. Use air pressure or a brush.




1. Mark your batteries (for example 1 to 4) This makes it easier for you to manage your batteries.

2. Do not use the “power charge mode” on your charger. It will go faster but it will charge your batteries to 80% only.

3. Get a 12V inverter (500W minimum) to use your Bosch charger in your car.

4. There is a Bosch USB adapter to use your batteries as a powerbank to charge your phone. A must have for your next winch trip (Bosch 1600A00J61)

5. Respect gets respect. Do not bother any civilians. 



How many hits with one set of batteries? About 30+ hits per set of batteries (4x Bosch Pro Core 18V 8Ah). We worked out this number as realistic. It always depends on riders weight and riding distance.

How fast does it go?

We have an adjustable speed range from 25 to 40 km/h.

Possible to fly with?

No. Its not possible to fly

with the winch.

Can I do deep water starts? It's possible but I will lower the number of possible hits dramatically. 

Other winches get faster at the end of the hit That's right. Our WinchOS keeps speed constant (approx. value), even if there is more rope on the spool at the end of the ride. 

How about saltwater?

The winch is not made for saltwater primarily. We do not cover damages caused by saltwater or sand. Remove saltwater and sand straightaway with a wet towel after using the winch on the beach.

What batteries do I need?You need four Bosch Pro Core 18V 8Ah batteries. The winch will not run with three or less batteries. Make sure batteries are on the same level when plug them in. Do not use any other batteries! 

How fast does it charge? With one charger approx. 30min per battery or 2 hours for the whole set. We recommend to get two bundles with two batteries and one charger each. So you can charge 2 batteries simultaneously. Do not use the “power charge mode” on your charger. It will go faster but it will charge your batteries to 80% only.

we will add more soon

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