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how to charge
your batteries

how to set up
your winch


Read warnings first!


The winch is designed for horizontal operation. Do not use the winch in vertical position.


Use the strap to fix the winch to a solid tree or pole. Attach the strap near the ground. Do not sit or stand on the winch!


Align the winch in the direction of pull. Avoid s sharp kink on the fairlead. 



Best practice setup. Read the Operating instructions below. 

Care Tips


Read warnings first!


Plug in all four batteries. 
From the left to the right.


Plug in the handheld



Plug in the "power key". Close the lid afterwards. 


Set the speed. For wakeboarding we recommend to make the first hit with the speed control dial in the "12 o’clock" position (This is approx. 30km/h) Adjust the speed after the first hit if needed. Avoid adjusting while the winch is running. 


Unplug the "power key" first. Unplug all batteries. Do not transport or store the winch with plugged in batteries! The winch will start "beeping" when stored with plugged-in batteries. 


LED light on the hand held controller will flash when battery-set (or at least one battery) is lower than 10% capacity. LED light will flash faster when batteries are too low to start the winch. After riding, use the lower button to bring all the rope in.


Make sure rider is ready. Double press and hold the upper button to start the ride. Release the button to stop the ride. Make sure to stop at enough distance between the rider and the winch. The Winch has no automatic end-of-rope stop. Avoid that winch gets sprayed by rider.

double press hold


Press the lower button to tighten the rope. Spool will turn slowly.


Open the lid and let the winch dry for a few hours. Check care tips below. 

workflow & care


1. Unplug all batteries right after your session. Do not transport or store winch with plugged in batteries!The winch will start "beeping" when stored with plugged-in batteries. 

4. Mark your batteries (for example 1 to 4) This makes it easier for you to manage your batteries.

2. Open the lid after use for a couple of hours to let the winch dry. 

5. To prevent battery damage, do not store fully charged batteries. Use the discharge function of you charger. Read battery instructions. 

3. Never use water to clean the winch. Use air pressure, a towel or a brush.

6. Store and transport your batteries in a safety bag. Please find more informations on this site. 

7. Get a capacity checker to check the capacity in % on the go.  

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