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This machine is not a toy - for adults only. Ride at your own risk. Winching can be dangerous and in some places illegal. The winch uses high energy, keep the winch away from spray water. Do not immerse under water. Do not operate the winch with wet hands or wearing a wet wetsuit. Make sure riding/landing area is clear of objects, especially below surface. Keep fingers, legs, hair etc. away from the spool. Keep lid closed while in use. Be careful not to cut people or animals with the rope. The winch pulls the rope with great force, do not get fingers, legs etc. tangled in the rope. Unplug batteries during maintenance or if winch is not in use. There is no automatic end-stop, let go of the controller-button soon enough.

• Read the manual of your batteries and your charger in its entirety!

• Never leave a charging battery unattended! Keep watch on the charging  process & react to any potential problems that may occur.

• Always transport, charge & store batteries in a fireproof container and away from combustible material. Do not charge on surfaces that can catch fire.

•Failure ​of​ instructions may result​ ​in property damage, personal injury, ​or​ loss of life.

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